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Learn How To Shoot

England international Jo Potter brings you some top tips to find the back of the net

Learn how to score the perfect goal with these essential shooting tips.

• Find yourself a ball and an empty goal. The aim is to hit different parts of the net without the ball bouncing.

• Start on the penalty spot. Strike the ball however feels comfortable - but it has to hit the net without bouncing

• Move back to the 18-yard line and try the same thing again. You might need to use a different part of your foot the further you move away from the goal.

• The closer you are, the softer the kick but the further back you get you will need to change your technique and start driving the ball.

• To make it more difficult you can select different parts of the net to hit. You can aim for the side netting, be that top or bottom corners – but always trying to keep it off the floor to make it difficult for goalkeepers.

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