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Steph's Matchday Routine

What does Steph Houghton do the day of a game?

England take on the Netherlands tonight in the semi-final of Euro 2017.

It’s a huge match which the Lionesses have been building towards for two years – so how does a player get themselves ready for such a big occasion?

Here, England captain Steph Houghton takes us through her usual matchday routine.

Steph said: “We have done all our prep work between the France game and the semi-final so we know exactly what we need to do against Holland.

“We’ve got our tactics sorted, now it’s just about resting and getting ourselves ready for the game.”

10.30am: Breakfast

“As it’s a late kick-off on Thursday I’ll probably have a bit of a lay-in in the morning, so me and my room-mate Ellen White will probably go for breakfast between 10-10.30am.”

11am: Treatment

“After breakfast we might go and get some treatment if we feel that we need it. This isn’t usually a big deal, it might just be a massage to get us loose for the match.”

Midday: Coffee

“Most of the girls will then probably head into town for a coffee and a chat before we go back to the hotel for lunch.”

1.30pm: Lunch

“After we’ve eaten most of us go back into our rooms and just chill out for a while.

“I’ll probably watch something on my laptop, but some of the girls like to have a sleep. Everyone has their own way of switching off. If we’ve got family around, we might nip out and see them for a bit.”

3.30pm: Primer

“We’ve recently started to do what we call a ‘primer’ session a few hours before kick-off. We go into the gym and do some specific exercises to get the blood pumping and to get our bodies ready for the match.

“Then we’ll have a shower and start to get our stuff ready for the game.”

5.30pm: Pre-match meal

“We eat our pre-match meal three hours before kick-off. We need to make sure we have plenty of carbs to give us enough energy for the game.”

6.15pm: Team meeting

“We always have a team meeting before we leave the hotel. In this meeting we hand each other our match shirts. So Mary Earps will start it off by handing out Karen Bardsley’s shirt, as she is No1, then KB will give out Lucy Bronze’s shirt and so on. Mark Sampson will then give us a pep-talk.

6.30pm: Travel to the match

“Then we jump on the coach and go to the game. Once we get to the ground most of us will have a walk on the pitch to get used to the surroundings before getting into our warm-up.”

8.45pm: Kick-off

“Fingers crossed we can put in another good performance and get ourselves into the final!”


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