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Jo Potter

Learn how to dribble

England international Jo Potter brings you some top tips

Dribbling is a big part of football and the ability to run with the ball at your feet can add a lot to your all-round game.

Here, England star Jo Potter gives you her top tips to help you master this crucial skill:

“It’s important to keep the ball nice and close to your feet and trying to use both feet to move the ball. Don’t go too quickly at first, otherwise the ball could go too far ahead of you.

“Try to keep a nice balance at all times.

“You can practise dribbling in and out of cones but you’d need to slow down when you approach each cone so that you can control the ball properly.

“If you’ve got a bit more space and you want to speed things up, your first touch could be a bit harder because you’ve got a bit more room to move onto the ball. You can use your laces to do this.

“If you can use both feet then great, but if you’re moving at pace you will tend to use your stronger foot.

“You can turn things up a notch by including a turn at the end of your dribble. You can use the inside or outside of your foot, or maybe your sole if you want to do a drag-back. Just make sure you push the ball away so that you can move onto it.”


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